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Private equity investors do four basic things

  • Raise money from limited partners (LPs) like pension funds, endowments, insurance companies and wealthy individuals
  • Source, diligence and close transactions to acquire companies
  • Work with the management teams of those portfolio companies to help them grow and improve
  • Sell portfolio companies at the appropriate time (Blue Point’s average is after ~5 years) at a profit for the LPs

Blue Point as a Partner and Owner

Integrity Driven

Blue Point has earned a reputation as a trusted partner and a group that "does what we say we are going to do." It is simple, but we have built our organization on the conviction that relationships are critical and effecting partnerships is more than just about the economics — it is about cooperation, reliability and a shared vision.

Long Track Record of Growing Middle Market Companies

The longevity and depth of Blue Point's partners' experience in the middle market give our portfolio companies access to a broad range of competitive and capital resources. Our portfolio companies have benefited from new customer relationships, diversified end markets and globalized revenue streams accessed through our extensive industry and operational resources and capabilities in Asia. With over 20 years of experience as a partnership aimed at the lower middle-market, there aren’t many challenges we haven't seen before.

Experienced Team

Including the Partners, the Blue Point investment team consists of 16 investment professionals with over 165 combined years of investing experience in the lower middle-market, with diverse backgrounds in finance, operations and consulting, supported by four valuation creation resources, two business development professionals and an operations team of eight. Our OEG members average nearly 30 years of operating, management and functional experience across a wide variety of industries within small and large companies.

Strategic and Economic Partnership

Blue Point seeks to partner with capable management teams with whom we share a common vision and who wish to invest meaningfully alongside us. We view our mandate as bringing more than financial capital to the table — we want to be a true partner, employing a systematic and value-added approach to assist our companies in driving value by drawing from our toolkit of operational and industry resources, proprietary supply chain/Asian capabilities, our Blue Point Data & Digital efforts, human capital strategy and the execution of M&A strategies.

Globalizing the Lower Middle Market

Blue Point works with management teams to globalize revenue streams and drive cost-saving initiatives through our Asian strategies. Blue Point has assisted more than half of our portfolio companies in selling products and services into Asia for domestic consumption, or sourcing components more cost-effectively and establishing Asian operations where appropriate.

It’s About People, Not Just Dollars

The Blue Point team has chosen to retain its focus on smaller companies over the years because it’s the sandbox we like best. There is no better feeling than working with a management team to help a business reach its full potential. The close partnerships we have formed over the years with our management partners are our proudest achievements.

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