Our Unique Global Supply Chain Capabilities

How We Do It

  • Beginning in 2004, Blue Point identified global supply chain operations as a strategic focus, and we remain one of the few firms of our size with a dedicated global perspective.
  • Global markets represent significant opportunities for U.S. middle market companies, but management usually lacks the teams and expertise to capitalize.
  • We’ve built a strong global supply chain team that works closely with our portfolio companies to globalize revenue streams and drive greater production efficiency and enhancement initiatives.

Revenue Opportunities

  • Due to our expansive networks and knowledge of international sales channels, we have been able to help several North American portfolio companies successfully develop or expand their sales efforts in global markets.
  • At Quality Synthetic Rubber (QSR), a former Blue Point II portfolio company, we recruited an Asia-based team to support their business development and marketing efforts that led to transformational growth.
  • Overall, our office has helped create $100+ million of annual incremental revenue from international markets across our portfolio company partnerships.
Impact at QSR

Supply Chain Opportunities

  • Across numerous portfolio companies, we have built dedicated teams in Asia focused on optimizing the supply chains of our North America-based companies.
  • For example, Smith-Cooper (SCI) had a strong history of international sourcing conducted from the U.S., but we identified several potential cost savings and working capital improvement opportunities during due diligence. We helped management establish an Asia-based sourcing function with a five-person team in Shanghai.
Impact on SCI's Supply Chain