Business Description

Russell Hendrix is the leading distributor of foodservice equipment and supplies in Canada. The Company distributes a broad line of foodservice equipment and supplies from coast-to-coast facilities across the country. In addition, Russell Hendrix offers customers a suite of value-added services, such as kitchen design, custom manufacturing, installation, and parts and service capabilities. The Company serves a highly diversified customer base across numerous end markets including restaurants, schools, healthcare facilities, hotels, lodges, convention centers and governmental entities 


Blue Point is assisting Russell Hendrix to build out its business infrastructure by enhancing ERP systems and developing data driven processes, monthly financial reporting packages and documented and measured business processes. Russell Hendrix is also working to enhance sales and marketing organization, optimize the parts and service business, and pursue digital marketing and e-commerce initiatives.

Add-On Acquisition Criteria

Russell Hendrix is interested in add-on opportunities to expand geographically and increase market leadership.

  • In November 2016, Russell Food Equipment acquired Hendrix Hotel & Restaurant Equipment and Supplies (“Hendrix”), its largest competitor in Canada, and now operates as Russell Hendrix Foodservice Equipment (Russell Hendrix).
  • In February 2017, Russell Hendrix acquired Guitech Services Inc., which is based in Montreal QC, and provides maintenance, repair, parts, and services for the foodservice equipment and suppliers market in Quebec. The acquisition expands Russel Hendrix’s national parts and service coverage.