Business Description

Fire & Life Safety America (FLSA) is one of the nation’s largest pure‐play, non‐union fire and life safety service and installation providers. FLSA serves a diverse base of recurring inspection and monitoring accounts and has been recognized in the fire and life safety industry for maintaining excellence through rapid growth and development. FLSA services customers from eighteen branch locations in the mid-Atlantic and southeastern United States, as well as an established national partner network.

Value Creation

First Institutional Capital

Partnered with an entrepreneur-owned business with significant value creation potential.


The M&A strategy at FLSA was to identify and pursue complementary add-on opportunities to help consolidate a market or add to the geographic footprint within the fragmented, localized market. During Blue Point’s ownership, FLSA opened approximately one new office per year and continued to scale the newest branches and pursued additional, attractive branch locations and talent to oversee operations. Blue Point scaled its geographic presence with the acquisition of Integrated Fire Protection in 2017 which strengthened the Company’s Georgia presence and customer base. In 2020, FLSA acquired STC Fire and increased its service revenues in the Florida market. The consistent scaling of newly opened locations and the successfully completed acquisitions aligned extremely well with the platform’s strategies, providing substantial margin and growth opportunities for FLSA.

Data & Digital

In partnership with Blue Point, FLSA focused on the incremental opportunities to use data to both improve the management of the business and be a more value-added, sticky partner to its larger customers. Such strategies included implementing a new cloud-based software package across all self-perform locations that facilitated better tracking and management of service delivery. FLSA leveraged the new software package to capture and execute against service KPIs across all branch locations. The Company also successfully optimized its digital marketing and lead generation.

Human Capital

A critical factor to FLSA’s operational and infrastructure development was the significant investment in human capital at the Company. Blue Point assisted FLSA with realigning multiple senior management positions and helped develop a hub & spoke model to regionalize key resources and lower overall fixed costs. Additionally, one of Blue Point’s operating executives, Muj Haidri, joined the board as non‐executive chairman. Muj brought a wealth of financial and operational experience to the management team and the board and was heavily involved and working regularly and directly with Management across all key areas helping drive strategic initiatives. In addition to scaling senior management, several divisions of the Company saw continued sales momentum and FLSA focused to build out and support segment sales and operations teams as they targeted new accounts. Management remained proactive about planning and hiring/training for new opportunities.

National Accounts

Blue Point leveraged its prior experiences in scaling and partnering to additional accounts of similar size and recurrence by assisting in securing several National Account wins across big box retail, e-commerce, healthcare and other end markets. FLSA also scaled its national partner network to over 270+ operators across the United States. FLSA continued to emphasize service revenue while identifying large scale, recurring customers across multiple, growth-oriented end markets.

Blue Point’s complete list of investments is available upon request.